This deep pressure orthosis assists children with developmental differences and disabilities who require additional core support.

Stabilizing Pressure Input Orthosis (SPIO®) was created by seamstress Cheryl Allen and Children's Therapy Center co-founder Nancy Hylton. It assists patients with stability through deep pressure and has been use to treat children with a wide range of conditions including:

    • Syndromes such as Retts, Angelmans and Down Syndrome


    • Cerebral palsy; Athetoid, Ataxia, Quadriplegia, Spastic diplegia, Hemiplegia


    • Instability issues


    • Hypertonia and Hypotonia


    • Brachial plexus injuries


    • Autism and Sensory Processing disorders


    • And related developmental delays and disabilities


All profits made through the sales of SPIO® are used to help fund Children's Therapy Center's mission of maximizing the potential of children with special needs.

To learn more about SPIO® visit their web site.

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