We are so pleased you are considering a volunteer opportunity with us. Since our founding, volunteers have always played a special role in helping us serve families and build relationships in the community. We look forward to connecting with you. We are committed to making your volunteer experience meaningful and positive.

Our Philosophy

We believe that involving volunteers is essential to the success and sustainability of Children's Therapy Center. Volunteers contribute their time and skills, which boosts our operational capacity. They bring their unique backgrounds and experiences, which enrich our services and programs. They strengthen our connection to the community while raising awareness of our mission.

With their partnership, we can provide accessible, equitable, and quality care to families in our communities so that children with developmental differences and disabilities can reach their full potential.

Volunteers are our partners, supporters, and ambassadors. Their impact reaches far beyond our doors! They will always be a part of the CTC story.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers from Alliance Bernstein

Pre-Volunteering Process

Volunteer process diagram