Weather Closure

To help and support CTC families on days when schools and CTC would be closed or delayed due to bad weather, all scheduled visits may now be held via Zoom.

If you experience difficulty traveling due to weather and you are scheduled for a clinic visit, contact your provider and they can offer you a Zoom session.

In the event of widespread power/internet outages impacting our ability to conduct your remote session, we will contact you and reschedule your appointment.

For on-site services during inclement weather, CTC generally follows the guidance of our local school districts.






If the school district in which your family lives is closed, please consider your home visit canceled. Your therapist may contact you to reschedule to telehealth if possible.

If the schools are running 1 to 2 hours late, then the center and/or satellite location will open at 10:00 am.

Any visits or classes scheduled before 10:00 am on-site is canceled or adjusted to telehealth.

Please call us at 253-854-5660 with any questions. Thank you!