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Coming Up…National Volunteer Week April 21-27!

National Volunteer Week is an opportunity to recognize and thank volunteers who lend their use their time, talent, voice and resources to meet the critical needs of our communities. Their stories serve to inspire others to take action, to realize their power to make a difference, and be a force that transforms the world. National Volunteer Week is a time to celebrate the impact of volunteer service on our communities. The local events, volunteer projects and social media conversations that take place during this week demonstrate that every individual has the power to make a difference, creating healthy communities in vibrant, participatory societies.

National Volunteer Week was established in 1974 and has grown exponentially each year, with thousands of volunteer projects and special events scheduled throughout the week. It is an opportunity to honor the impact of all those who do good in our communities, and inspire others to make a difference and improve the world.

Are you interested in volunteering your time with CTC? Learn more about our program!

Meet Volunteer Ariana!

Ariana started volunteering with CTC in June 2023. She has given her time supporting childcare at CTC’s Caregivers Night Out events and creating a fun and memorable time for our Move-A-Thon fundraising event participants by running the photo booth. Ariana’s friendly, kind, and calm nature makes it easy for children to feel comfortable with her. She always does such a beautiful job observing and taking the time to learn what each child is interested in and then finding creative and supportive ways to engage and interact.

We love having Ariana volunteer with us and really enjoy seeing her enthusiasm for working with children. Interested in joining Ariana and others as a CTC volunteer? Learn more!

CTC Receives $10,000 from Puyallup Tribe of Indians

CEO Nichelle Brown (second from left) and Center Program Director Jodi VanVleet (third from left) were honored to attend an event hosted by the Puyallup Tribe of Indians where CTC was awarded a generous $10,000 grant in support of our work! We are grateful for this partnership and its contribution towards ensuring accessible, affordable, and personalized care for children with disabilities and developmental differences and their families.

April is National Deaf History Month

National Deaf History Month is celebrated from March 13 through April 15 to commemorate the achievements of people who are deaf and hard of hearing. The time frame is spread across March and April in recognition of three turning points in deaf education history dating back to the early 1800s. 

On April 15, 1817, America’s first public school for the deaf was opened. On April 8, 1864, Gallaudet University — the world’s first institution dedicated to advanced education for the deaf and hard of hearing — was officially founded. And more than 100 years later, on March 13, 1988, Gallaudet hired its first deaf president in response to its students’ Deaf President Now movement. 

The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) first introduced National Deaf History Month in 1997 and, in 2006, the American Library Association partnered with NAD in supporting and spreading awareness of this celebration. 

Congress has not designated any part of it as a federally recognized holiday despite ongoing advocacy efforts toward this goal.  

In celebration of National Deaf History Month, read more about five role models whose stories illustrate the power of activism, education, and perseverance despite disability.