Meet Cymi

Why did you choose to volunteer with CTC?

I was looking for opportunities to understand how physical therapy can be implemented in many ways! The dance class was such a fun way to explore the growth that can happen due to physical therapy — not just the physical healing, but also the new friendships that can be formed between the kids who take the class! 

What do you enjoy most about volunteering at CTC?

I have the chance to see all the kids become more confident the more classes that they do! Each class when they come back, it feels like they are more excited to try new moves or create a dance together. When they create a new dance, they also exhibit so much enthusiasm when we put it together with music! 

“Cymi is a wonderful volunteer with the Adaptive Dance program. She ensures that families feel welcome in the dance studio and supports children’s participation during the session. Cymi helps dancers express themselves through joyful movement, modeling dance moves visually to assist their learning. The kids love seeing her every week!”  

Lizzie R, OTA

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