About CTC

Our guiding principles create a supportive environment for your child's needs.

At Children's Therapy Center, our staff recognize that parents are a child's first and most important teacher and we involve them in every service provided. Parents feel empowered and supported, and children achieve milestones that many thought weren't possible.

In partnership with parents, we help children realize their own unique potential.

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We hire exceptional people.

We maintain a positive attitude and positively influence those around us.

We are intrinsically motivated to take initiative and improve our performance.

We are self-managers who are empowered to take responsibility for our own success and happiness.

We make a difference.

We are compassionate, helpful and respectful.

We enthusiastically provide the best products and comprehensive services possible.

We go to extraordinary lengths to improve the lives of the children and families who are referred to us.

Our culture is cooperative.

We maintain an environment that is informal, friendly and fun.

We acknowledge what we don't yet know and collaborate to problem-solve and learn.

We welcome healthy debate, but once a decision is made we all support the consensus.

Our culture is participatory.

We communicate openly, honestly and directly.

We are all responsible for our mission, the stewardship of resources, and the success of our organization.

We practice participatory management by encouraging questions and suggestions from all staff on any topic.

Our culture is inclusive.

We strive to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services.

We welcome those with diverse backgrounds, beliefs and cultural histories.

We seek to learn about differences with an attitude of respectful curiosity.

Our culture is empowering.

We identify and utilize the strengths of each staff member to help ensure job satisfaction and success.

We eliminate the need for bureaucracy and hierarchy by holding ourselves and each other accountable.

We provide staff with the greatest degree of flexibility possible because we value a healthy work/life balance.

We are Children's Therapy Center

We challenge the status quo by being entrepreneurial and innovative.

We adapt our strategies when necessary to increase effectiveness and achieve our goals.

We strive for excellence, realizing there is always room for improvement in everything we do.

How CTC Came to Be

In 1979, three therapists passionately devoted to serving children with special needs came together to form Children's Therapy Center. What started as a small program based in the waiting room of a doctor's office has grown to become the most comprehensive nonprofit pediatric therapy center in Washington, serving over 3,000 children every year.

From the beginning, our goal has been to provide quality therapeutic services designed to empower children with special needs and their families. Our founders - Sue Hudson, Nancy Hylton and Gay Lloyd Pinder - created a program of quality, individualized physical, occupational, and speech therapy, with a strong emphasis on parent involvement.

Our goal is to help every child achieve maximum independence so they can experience the same opportunities and quality of life as other children. Our approach has always been family-focused. It is ultimately through the efforts of parents and other caregivers that a child is able to reach their full potential.

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