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Weekly News Update

Monday, September 19, 2022 Safety Bracelets for Kids It’s common for children who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to run or wander away from caregivers or secure locations. This is called…
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At-Home Therapy Ideas

These fun, home-based activities are perfect for therapy!
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Picky Eaters

By Sarah Ladderud OTR/L, Occupational Therapist Are you making separate meals for your child from the rest of the family? Do they only eat the same handful of food options,…
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Volunteer Spotlight: Sarah

Tell us some fun facts about yourself.  I have a black lab who I love to take hiking, and I also enjoy swimming. I played water polo and did synchronized swimming…
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Volunteer Spotlight: Mizan

Hello, I’m Mizan! “I love to travel around the world getting to know the people of different races, ethnicities, their food, traditions, and cultures. I used to read a lot…
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Volunteer Spotlight: Madeline

Tell us some fun facts about yourself. I love to hike and go on long walks, anything outdoors! I am currently learning to ski. I have a bachelor’s degree in vocal…
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Volunteer Spotlight: Joyce

Tell us some fun facts about yourself.  I enjoy playing music on the piano and swimming. I love spending time with friends and family for hikes, trying new foods, and bowling.…
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Volunteer Spotlight: Ben

Hello, I’m Ben! “I am in the 12th grade at Concordia Christian Academy in Tacoma, and I will be attending college next year. My hobbies include reading, playing instruments (I…
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Meet Abby!

Abby describes why being a physical therapist at CTC is the best! Q: How did you decide on pediatric therapy as a career? I knew when I got into PT…
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Gymnastics at CTC

Q: How does CTC’s gymnastics class benefit children? A: Many of the children in our gymnastics group have had difficult experiences in community-based classes or groups. Our group is small…
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