Nate’s Story

“CTC takes a family approach. They know that in order for a child to thrive, the whole family has to thrive.”  Five-year old Nate was a micro-preemie, born at 23…

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Chase’s Story

Chase with his mom and therapist

A child’s progress in therapy can often feel like a slow process, especially when that progress is years in the making. “As parents, we’ve had to learn how to celebrate…

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Alex’s Story

Alex with his mom and therapist

When five-year old Alex arrives at Children’s Therapy Center for his weekly speech-language and feeding therapy session, he can hardly contain his excitement. Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Alex…

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Warren’s Story

Warren and his family

“CTC’s support for our family has been invaluable and I cannot imagine going on this journey without their care! Financially supporting CTC’s program is important to us, as we imagine…

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Bodhi’s Story

Three-year old Bodhi began receiving speech therapy right during the middle of the pandemic. “We’ve only experienced therapy remotely through Zoom,” says his mother, Stephanie. “We really wanted to get…

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Rhys’s Story

Rhys came to Children’s Therapy Center as an infant after being diagnosed with microcephaly and schizencephaly, a rare birth defect that causes abnormal clefts in the brain. Now nearly five…

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James’ Story

Until James was diagnosed with autism shortly after his fifteenth birthday, everyone labeled him a “problem kid.” “I was bullied big time in middle school because of my behavior” James…

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