Early Childhood Special Education

Our teachers provide special instruction in individual and/or group settings.

Early Childhood Special Educators are Washington State certified teachers who create programs in group or individual settings depending on the needs of the child. Our teachers support the parent-child relationship and create safe and secure learning environments that enhance children's social, emotional, and intellectual development.

Through play-based learning opportunities, children develop independence, self-confidence, and the foundations for future learning. Using parent-coaching strategies, teachers help parents and other caregivers discover ways they can recognize these learning opportunities for their child throughout their daily routines. As with all our Early Support services, individual special education can be provided in the child's home, daycare, or other settings that are part of the family's routine.

To schedule a comprehensive developmental assessment, contact our intake team at 253-854-5660.

each year we help over 3,000 kids

In partnership with parents and caregivers, we celebrate where each child is today and work toward who they can become.