Community Playgroups

Our playgroups for children ages birth to 5 are designed help children learn in a play environment where they have opportunities to socialize with other children of all abilities.  We support the caregiver-child relationship within a safe and secure learning environment.  Our goal is for each child to develop the self-confidence, independence, and foundation for all future learning.

Toddlers and young children have fun and develop new interests, become familiar with preschool routines, and learn to interact with a variety of adults and children in a comfortable environment. They practice independence and self-help skills, develop movement, communication and social skills, and make friends!

Caregivers have the opportunity to support their child and participate in activities together. They can share their successes and concerns, ask questions related to their child's development, and participate in community activities and outings with other families

Our playgroups emphasize learning basic concepts and skills through hands-on experiences and activities that promote sensory exploration, fine motor, pre-literacy, problem solving, and social skill development.

Adventure Pals (Ages 24 - 36 months):

This inclusive structured playgroup, led by an early childhood special educator, focuses on learning basic concepts and skills through hands-on experiences and activities. Our curriculum is designed to prepare children for their next learning experience, while parents learn how play and exploration enhances their child's development.

Parents enjoy time with their child through a predictable class routine that includes free play, art/sensory table activity, circle time, snack, and gross motor play. These routine activities promote pre-literacy, turn-taking, problem solving, communication, movement and social skill development.   Learning often looks a lot like play…and play is the job of every child.

Building Bridges (Ages 24 - 36 months):

The Building Bridges Classroom is a highly structured playgroup using an intentional curriculum specially designed for children with a probable diagnosis of autism or significant challenges in the areas of social communication skills, behavior, and play skills. It is led by an early childhood special education teacher with support from speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists. 

Like other play groups, this class follows a routine including free play, circle time, snack, sensory/fine motor play, and large motor activities. Staff members work together with parents to help their child learn new skills in attention, transitions, adapting to change, self-help, social interaction, body awareness, group participation, play, following directions, and communication.  This instructional format helps parents learn to work intentionally with their child to help them gain foundational skills that will allow the child to benefit from less supported forms of intervention in the future.

Drop-in Playgroup (Ages Birth to Age 5):

Kaleidoscope Play & Learn groups are organized playgroups for young children and the people who take care of them. At Kaleidoscope Play & Learn, young children and their caregivers participate in fun, educational play activities and get to know other people in their neighborhood/community. Caregivers also learn more about child development and what they can do at home to support growth and early learning of the children in their care. 

Visit our website calendar of events for details on locations, dates and times. 

each year we help over 3,000 kids

In partnership with parents and caregivers, we celebrate where each child is today and work toward who they can become.