Aquatic Therapy

Our therapists work one-on-one with children in a heated pool. Parents or caregivers typically participate by observing the session from the pool deck.

We utilize the properties of water, including buoyancy and resistance of movement, to help build strength, improve postural control, expand range of motion, and assist with motor planning and breath control. The water reduces stress on the joints and helps many children with developmental differences achieve greater strength and endurance. Aquatherapy also helps children with sensory and developmental issues.

Water provides a fun and motivating environment for therapy. Working with a trusted therapist allows children to feel safe in the water, increase their confidence, begin learning important water safety skills, and most importantly enjoy themselves!

We provide aquatherapy through collaboration with Waterbabies Aquatic Center located at 17110 116th Ave SE, Suite D in Renton, WA.



"I volunteered at CTC's aquatic therapy program in Kent for two years while I was doing my undergraduate work. That's where I learned about the relationships therapists could build with families and parents. Therapists were always inviting parents to join their children in the pool for their sessions, or finding ways to involve them even if they were just watching from the side of the pool. I saw how fun it was to talk, share, and celebrate progress together." - Amanda P, OT

each year we help over 3,000 kids

In partnership with parents and caregivers, we celebrate where each child is today and work toward who they can become.