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Gwen’s Story

Receiving services at home helped her learn to walk.
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SPIO Makes an Impact!

Eight year old Kabir is one of many children who benefits greatly from this unique, flexible orthotic!
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Colton’s Story

A mom shares how Early Intervention services helped her as much as they did her son.
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Alex’s Story

When you make therapy fun for a child, they learn more!
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Happy Mother’s Day…To A Super Mom!

This mom is a true super hero!
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Kelan’s Story

For one mom, learning how to communicate with her son has made a big difference.
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Celebrating Occupational Therapist Month

Two of CTC's occupational therapists share why their work is so rewarding.
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International Heritage Night

Celebrating multiculturalism with the families we serve.
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Friends of CTC Guild Q&A

Dedicated supporters of CTC's mission and friends for 14+ years, the Guild members share a few of their fondest memories and reveal the wines that always make their personal top-10 lists.
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Helo’s Story

Five year old Helo received an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis (ASD) diagnosis at the age of 3.
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