Gwen’s Story

Early Support services for children ages birth to three can have a big impact in a short amount of time. One mom shares her family’s experience.

gwen-web.jpgQ: When did you being noticing something wasn’t quite right about Gwen’s development?

Kelly: “Gwen was such a content baby. She loved playing with her toys and sitting up, but never had the desire to be on the move. She hated being on her tummy, and was making no attempt to start crawling. When she was about 11 months old, my husband and I started getting really concerned about her lack of movement and reached out to our pediatrician. She also had concerns, and referred us to Children’s Therapy Center.”

Q: What has been one of the biggest challenges Gwen has overcome as a result of Early Intervention services? 

“Gwen hated being pushed to do things that her little body wasn’t used of doing. She just wanted to sit and play. Because of CTC, she’s now running and playing like a typical child her age.”

Q: What aspects of the Early Support program have had the strongest impact on you as a family?

“Where do I start? CTC changed our lives in so many ways. From the very first consultation, to getting assigned a therapist, to watching our sweet baby girl take her first steps. We couldn’t have been more excited to find out that Tracy was going to be our therapist. We knew after meeting her during our initial consultation that she was the best of the best! Having Tracy come into our home was invaluable. It allowed Gwen to be in her own environment and use all of the toys and furniture we had to help during her therapy. Tracy did such an amazing job working one on one with Gwen, and she made sure to leave us with takeaways every week as to how we could work with Gwen before our next appointment. Not only did Tracy work with us to assist in Gwen’s movement, she also went above and beyond with some behavioral struggles that we were having with Gwen. Tracy gave us every tool in her tool box to help us be the best parents we could possibly be.

I can’t even imagine what our lives would be like right now without the help of CTC. Not only did Tracy help Gwen learn how to walk, she helped my husband and I become better parents. I’ll be forever grateful for all CTC has done for our family.”

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