International Heritage Night

multicultural.jpg“The families we serve from our Burien location are from extremely diverse backgrounds. We wanted to show them how much we love and appreciate them and their culture.”

Lani, an occupational therapist in CTC’s Early Intervention program, says that the idea of hosting an international heritage night arose during a discussion about multiculturalism during a team meeting. “I think we’re all feeling a little frustrated and helpless on behalf of some of our families in today’s [immigration] climate,” she says.

The dinner, designed as a casual potluck, was an excuse to bring different cultures together. But it was also a way to show families that we serve many others from their own culture as well.

“We wanted people to be able to look around the room and see others just like them,” Lani says. Families were invited to share a dish, song, dance, or traditional game with the guests.

“I feel incredibly lucky to be part of the lives of the families I serve,” she says. “I get to be in their home every day. It’s an honor to me that they’re willing to share their lives with me. They pray in front of me, invite me to join their meals, answer my questions. It’s humbling.”

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