Volunteer Spotlight: Joyce


Tell us some fun facts about yourself. 

I enjoy playing music on the piano and swimming. I love spending time with friends and family for hikes, trying new foods, and bowling. I also enjoy watching Korean dramas and sightseeing as well.

Why did you choose to get involved with CTC, and what do you enjoy most about volunteering here?

I decided to become a volunteer at CTC when I learned about CTC’s mission statement and family centered and personalized approach. I want to have a career in the physical therapy field and I believe that CTC offers a great opportunity to learn. I really enjoy being part of the volunteer team, where I feel like I can get involved in the community and make an impact. The volunteer team is also very welcoming, sweet, and compassionate, which I am thankful for. I enjoy communicating with others, and my role in the team allows me to utilize my own skills and gain knowledge of the resources around me.

Joyce joined the CTC Volunteer team in January. As a Community Resource Guide Support Volunteer, Joyce helps ensure the information in the guide we share with families is accurate, organized, and updated. Her work helps us connect families to services throughout King and Pierce counties while building community relationships and sharing information about CTC with others.

Joyce, we really appreciate the organization and attentiveness you put into your work. Thank you for your service, for choosing to support CTC, and for being involved in your community!

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