Meet Megan!

Megan Yotsuda: Boost Readiness Teacher/Boost Program

“What I enjoy the most about working at CTC is the people, both the staff and families. Knowing that we made a difference for that child and their family, especially when they express that to us directly, fills my cup immensely. The staff are patient and kind and are happy to support those in need.

Our Boost Program is important in supporting families who may otherwise not have received services that they need. We connect families to long-term supports that they may not have know about, or may have been unable to connect to themselves. In our Boost Readiness classes, we help better prepare children and their families for the transition into a preschool program. The consistency of our routine, environment where children can engage with their peers, as well as the strategies we provide for families to use outside of the classroom are important in setting up those children for success in the future.

My favorite activity to share with families is any activity that they can recreate easily at home. Things like sensory play with shaving cream, different ways to explore with nature, and pretend play ideas are some that come to mind immediately. When families are able to take things from the classroom and do them at home, it makes the connection stronger for both the children and adults in the home.

I’m originally from Kauai, Hawaii, but now live in Des Moines. A few of my favorite things to do are watch anime, cook and eat, and hang out with my people (friends, family, dog). I enjoy doing cosplay when I have the time, as well as visiting new places. I used to do hula, but no longer have the time. I do still enjoy dancing on my own, though, every once in a while! My favorite comfort food is noodles.”

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