Volunteer Spotlight: Mizan

Mizan and his granddaughter.

Hello, I’m Mizan!

“I love to travel around the world getting to know the people of different races, ethnicities, their food, traditions, and cultures. I used to read a lot of nobles, poems, and short stories of famous Bengali poets & authors but now-a days switched to watching historical drama/documentaries. My weekends remain incomplete without participating in weekly potlucks with friends, playing cards, carrom board, and spending time with my granddaughter.”

We asked Mizan why he choose to get involved with CTC, and what he enjoys about volunteering.

I have been actively involved with many community organizations, including a few in the city of Kent. I really like CTC’S comprehensive approach of well-being for children and families and decided to accept a position to serve on the Board. We have an excellent, well-diversified, and highly experienced team on the CTC Board where I can provide my thoughts and ideas freely. I feel proud of becoming a partner of the whole CTC family and helping to bring positive impact to the community!

Mizan joined the CTC Board of Directors in July 2019. As a volunteer Board Member, Mizan plays an important role in helping to drive CTC’s mission forward by contributing his professional expertise and being an advocate for the organization in the community. His support of Board recruitment and development this year lead to the successful nominations of three new Board members.

Mizan, we truly appreciate the resourcefulness and compassion you bring to your work. Thank you for your service, for choosing to support CTC, and for being involved in your community!

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