Gymnastics at CTC

Gymnastics class at CTCQ: How does CTC’s gymnastics class benefit children?

A: Many of the children in our gymnastics group have had difficult experiences in community-based classes or groups. Our group is small and we can focus more on participation and skill-building. Children are successful separating from their parents for class and participating for the entire 55-minute session! This is a big step for many kids.


Q: How does a child’s regular therapy session complement what they are learning and practicing in the class?

A: Children in occupational therapy will benefit from gymnastics class because although it is a group class, they still receive individual attention due to the small group size. Many of the activities and gymnastics movements are similar to those we would do in an individual physical therapy session, but kids really benefit from having some peer models in the group. They instruct and motivate each other!

Q: How often is the gymnastics class held?

A: Our goal is to run it multiple times per year. The program is a bridge between individual services and community-based programs. It also is a nice way for kids to be successful in a group setting while also having specialized professionals to monitor and help each child as needed. 

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