Equity at CTC

564-0342new.jpgCTC places a priority on meeting families wherever they are along the journey through the world of special needs. Whether supporting a child in learning to walk, talk, eat, or interact with others, our services are guided by the priorities of the family.

In the past 15 years, our service areas of South King County and Pierce County have become more socially and economically diverse. The families and children needing services from CTC reflect the change in the demographics of our area.

Research demonstrates that health and educational outcomes are tied to a child’s race and ethnicity and social status. It’s vital to the success of our mission that we take action to promote inclusivity and awareness in our work.

CTC’s Equity Change Team is focused on providing culturally and linguistically appropriate services to all of the children and families that we serve.  Comprised of six staff members from different disciplines and various parts of our organization, we have received training as Equity facilitators and obtain technical support through the Equity Initiative of King County.  We provide ongoing support to our staff through trainings and discussions, helping us work more effectively with families and ensure we are equitable in our services.

Our goals for 2017 include continuing to support our staff and draw on the wisdom of our families; continue translating written materials to other languages; and examine policies, procedures and hiring practices. We want to make sure CTC remains inclusive and welcoming for children and families of all cultures and ethnicities.

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