Together we can help your child reach their full potential

In partnership with parents and caregivers, we celebrate where each child is today and work toward who they can become.

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Early Intervention

We offer early intervention services for children ages birth to three. 

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A Comprehensive Nonprofit Pediatric Therapy Program

We provide a vast array of essential services and products for children with special needs.

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Luke's Story


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We maximize the potential of children with special needs.

Children’s Therapy Center is the most comprehensive nonprofit pediatric therapy program in Washington State. Since 1979, we’ve provided essential services and products for children with special needs including physical, occupational and speech therapy, early intervention services, and orthotics and equipment.

Serving over 3,400 children every year, we are recognized by parents and pediatricians for our quality of care, our convenient locations, and the partnerships we develop with the families we are fortunate to serve. ABOUT CTC»

Parents are involved every step of the way...every day.

Parents are partners in their child's therapy. We teach them how to include therapeutic strategies into their child’s daily routine.

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Quality care, convenient locations.

We have one of the most experienced and highly trained pediatric therapy staffs in the country. Our locations in Kent, Burien and Tacoma are convenient and accessible.

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An array of services to benefit a child's many needs.

Our comprehensive programs include early intervention, physical/occupational/speech and language therapy, feeding therapy, fitness centers, aquatic therapy and more.

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Our Guiding Values



We hire exceptional people.

We maintain a positive attitude and positively influence those around us.

We are intrinsically motivated to take initiative and improve our performance.

We are self-managers who are empowered to take responsibility for our own success and happiness.


We make a difference.

We are compassionate, helpful and respectful.

We enthusiastically provide the best products and comprehensive services possible.

We go to extraordinary lengths to improve the lives of the children and families who are referred to us.


Our culture is cooperative.

We maintain an environment that is informal, friendly and fun.

We acknowledge what we don't yet know and collaborate to problem-solve and learn.

We welcome healthy debate, but once a decision is made, we all support the consensus.


Our culture is participatory.

We communicate openly, honestly and directly.

We are all responsible for our mission, the stewardship of resources, and the success of our organization.

We practice participatory management by encouraging questions and suggestions from all staff on any topic.


Our culture is empowering.

We identify and utilize the strengths of each staff member to help ensure job satisfaction and success.

We eliminate the need for bureaucracy and hierarchy by holding ourselves and each other accountable.

We provide staff with the greatest degree of flexibility possible because we value a healthy work/life balance.


We are Children's Therapy Center!

We challenge the status quo by being entrepreneurial and innovative.

We adapt our strategies when necessary to increase effectiveness and achieve our goals.

We strive for excellence, realizing there is always room for improvement in everything we do.


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CTC Launches Collaborative Work Space in Burien

Membership fees will be reinvested in CTC's mission to help children with special needs.

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