Tele-Intervention at CTC

Tele-intervention at home

Although the COVID virus has changed the way we’re delivering services today, one thing certainly hasn’t changed – and that is our commitment to families and to our mission. YOU are the most important thing to us!

To continue offering care for your child, we are now offering therapy sessions through video conference.

Research has shown tele-intervention to be an effective method for providing therapy, education, and family support services. Please consider giving it a try! If you choose this option, our staff will connect with you through secure Zoom videoconferencing. Families can use a smartphone, mobile device, or computer for this connection. Families enrolled in Early Intervention will have
access to interpreters so sessions take place in your primary language. We are working for that capability for our center-based service families as well. If you are interested in trying tele-intervention, please contact your CTC team.


Occupational therapist Allison Payton shares how tele-intervention is a fun and safe way to continue therapy services and keep children reaching their goals.

Click here to watch a video of a tele-intervention session!