Transfer a gift of stock to make an impact for children with developmental differences and disabilities.

Thank you for your interest in making a gift of stock to Children's Therapy Center. If you plan to make a gift of stock, please notify us as soon as possible by emailing

In your email, please include the following so we can be certain to record and acknowledge gifts appropriately:

  • Name of the stock you’re donating
  • Number of shares
  • Approximate value of the gift
  • The name and phone number of your broker

Please advise your broker to send funds to:

ACCT #: 14590957

Acct Title: Children’s Therapy Center VMFXX Federal Money Market Fund

DTC #: 0062

Once we receive the confirmation for the stock gift, we will contact you immediately. You’ll also receive a written acknowledgment with the information you’ll need for tax records. We value the stock based on the day we receive it. The value of your gift may vary due to fluctuations of its value prior to our receipt. It helps us if you or your broker contact us the day the transfer is made so the value of the stock upon selling it remains close to the value of when it was sent.

Children’s Therapy Center is a 501(c)(3) organization; gifts are tax deductible
Tax ID number: 91-1078809