Meet Brandie!

It’s Physical Therapy Month and we’re celebrating our PTs! Meet Brandie, a physical therapist in our ESIT (Early Supports for Infants and Toddlers) program.
What do you enjoy and value most about working at CTC?

I most enjoy building relationships, learning from each unique family and child, and empowering caregivers. I value the opportunity to work alongside and learn from staff at CTC to continuously build my skills as a physical therapist in ESIT (Early Supports for Infants and Toddlers) that not only supports motor development (growth in the ability of children to use their bodies and physical skills) but other areas as well such as feeding, play, and early communication.

What is the importance of physical therapy for children in CTC’S Early Supports program?

Physical therapy supports a wide variety of needs for families and their children. The families we work with know their children best. We help by coming alongside them in their daily routines to give suggestions, ideas, and opportunity for reflections to build on their current skills and strengths to support their child’s whole development, not just motor.

What is your favorite activity to share with families?

I thrive as a physical therapist in ESIT because I’m continuously challenged to be creative and learn from caregivers and children. I can’t say I have a favorite activity that I share with families, as each child and caregiver have different needs and capacities. An activity that works for one family may not benefit another. With that said, I wouldn’t be a pediatric physical therapist if I didn’t shout out the importance of tummy time as a foundation for the rest of development!

About Brandie:

I’ve lived in the Seattle area my entire life with the exception of attending graduate school in Maine for 3 years. In this season of my life, I primarily spend my time with my husband, our two little ones, and our dog. I enjoy exploring the outdoors through hiking, running, kayaking, paddle boarding, snow shoeing, and cross country skiing with friends.

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