Meet Volunteer Graciela!

Graciela joined the CTC Volunteer Team in August 2022  

As a Programs Support Volunteer, Graciela has generously given her time helping in our Boost program classes and with special projects for community outreach and engagement.  

“Graciela is amazing in our classes. She just jumps right in and helps in every way she can. When interacting with the children in class, Graciela always makes sure to get down to their level and is always really sweet with them. When modeling strategies for parents, Graciela is so relatable. We love having her with us!”  

-Megan, Special Education Teacher 

Why did you choose to get involved with CTC? 

I want to become a speech therapist, so I wanted to see what speech therapy looks like. But more than that, I really like helping and teaching people, even if it’s just my friends in class. Volunteering at CTC seemed like a fun way to both help others and learn more about a career I’m interested in. 

What do you enjoy most about volunteering? 

My favorite part of volunteering at CTC is knowing that I’m helping create something meaningful for other people. When I see kids excited to come to our classes and enjoying the activities we put together for them, I take pride in knowing that my volunteering was part of what made it all possible. I think it’s really cool that the small things I do, like setting up art supplies or sanitizing toys after class, can have a big impact.  

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