Staff Spotlight: Christina, OT


What do you enjoy and value most about working at CTC?

I love how working at CTC has expanded my experiences through working with so many different people, both coworkers and the families I serve. The world is full of so much diversity – people with different cultures, ideas, interests, languages, priorities – yet we are all connected through relationships. I love being part of an organization that celebrates, encourages and supports our individuality as well as the value of working together as a team and larger community.

What is your favorite activity to share with families?

There are so many! I think obstacle courses are super fun. You just need some pillows, couch cushions, a laundry basket, or a box. Create your own course from items you have at home! Obstacle courses are great for working on gross motor skills, following directions, creativity, attention and play.

If you could be an animal or cartoon character, what would you be and why?

I think it would be fun to be a horse. You could run fast, jump over things, swim, and take naps in the sun.

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