Staff Spotlight: Kate, Special Educator

KateKate Wigg, ESIT Special Educator

Fun facts:

I love to sing, read and listen to podcasts. I love being outside and being active. I enjoy hiking, running, skiing and being near the water. I have a big fluffy cat named Baxter. I am learning how to garden and love when I can spend quality time with my friends.

Personal mantra, favorite quote or motto:

“I am happy, I am loved, all is coming, all is here.”

What do you enjoy or value most about working at CTC?

Having fun co-workers that I can easily connect with and feel supported by.

What is your favorite activity/game/book/toy/resources to share with families?

Podcasts! There are so many out there! “You’re Wrong About,” “Hidden Brain,” “Snap Judgement,” “Radiolab.”

If you could be an animal or cartoon character, what would you be and why?

A cat – I’d get to sleep all day, be petted often, and be extremely needy but fiercely independent all at the same time.

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