Helping Foster Children in South King County

Child playing with blocksIn 2014, CTC implemented Kindering’s CHERISH (CHildren Encouraged by Relationships in Secure Homes) program to address the attachment and adjustment needs of young King County foster children with special needs. We support children and caregivers in forming secure relationships after change and loss, addressing challenging behaviors, visitation with birth families, navigating the child welfare system, and working through abuse and neglect.

“Being a new foster parent can be tough no matter the situation, but when you have a child who has experienced significant neglect and trauma it makes that transition much more difficult,” says one foster parent. “The team at CTC has been amazing in helping our whole family with our transition.  Our oldest came into our home almost completely non-verbal and unable to sooth herself at all. Our CHERISH therapist jumped right in and gave us the tools and support we all needed to create the best environment for success. Now we have a very happy, chatty almost-3 year old that loves her therapists and continues to improve every week.  We know that we have a ways to go but with the support of our friends at CTC we are confident we are on the right track.”

At CTC, we are committed to building our capacity and skills to support healthy social-emotional development for children.

Your support of CTC helps us provide programs like CHERISH to families who need them. We welcome your donation.

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