SPIO Introduces New Product

Starting with her earliest explorations with lightweight, flexible, and dynamic bracing in the 1980’s, to her work with seamstress and fellow SPIO co-inventor, Cheryl Allen, Children’s Therapy Center’s co-founder Nancy Hylton has always demonstrated creativity and innovation. If the tool she needed to help her patient didn’t already exist, Nancy would create it herself or find someone who could do it for her. 

SPIO’s latest product designed by Nancy is SPIO X, a lightweight and versatile pediatric back support (TLSO) incorporating all the benefits of a traditional SPIO orthotic with a rigid posterior trunk support system. SPIO X is designed to help children with poor muscle strength and low muscle tone of the trunk.

In particular, SPIO X helps to:

• Compensate for the functional limitations associated with low strength and tone.

• Complement therapy by helping the child maintain an improved upright, functional posture during activities, thereby training the neuromuscular system to develop more independent control of the trunk.

SPIO X helps in two ways:

  1. SPIO X provides abundant and consistent sensory stimulation via compression. SPIO orthoses provide two and a half times more compression than athletic compression wear. All SPIOs are made of a high quality, specially milled fabric that is lightweight, wicking and breathable. The fabric maintains its compression, even after prolonged use and features high rebound properties with a strong neutral memory to assist the wearer in returning the body to mid-line.
  2. SPIO X features a posterior panel system. The unique X shape and construction of these heat-moldable panels provide greater stability than stays while still allowing functional range of motion. Each SPIO X-Panel TLSO includes two panels of different dimensions and support and a pair of stays. The two panels offer different degrees of rigidity and trunk support but both fit snuggly within a pocket on a posterior neoprene panel.

All profits from sales of SPIO benefit Children’s Therapy Center.

To learn more, visit www.spioworks.com

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