Our Favorite Therapy Tools

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img_0480.jpgWhat are a few of our therapists’ favorite therapy tools? The answers may surprise you! And they’re likely things you already have at home. So keep your #therapygoals with these clever ideas.

  • An office chair that spins: spin it one way and then the other to help a child with movement and balance.
  • Blankets: roll and unroll your child up like a burrito, or have them practice climbing it like a rope.
  • Dining table: crawl under like a tunnel to practice tummy exercises. Ask your child to collect and arrange stuffed animals at the table for a pretend meal.
  • Laundry baskets: put heavy things inside that your child can push or pull to calm their systems. Or throw a few stuffed animals down the hallway and push “the boat” down the hallway to go get them.
  • The couch: Cushions can be used as crash pads or for jumping from the couch onto the cushions. Even climbing up the sides of the couch is helpful. They are great for a motor strength and balance perspective. Have your child simply walk through cushions – it strengthens ankles and quads. Have them practice their balance by catching a ball while standing on a cushion.
  • An old duvet cover: fill it with cushions, pillows, or stuffed animals. Kids can jump on top or climb inside like a tent.
  • Pillowcase: fill with bags of dried beans or rice and create a weighted backpack or something to pull.
  • Masking tape: Put some on the floor to use as a balance beam (have your child walk on the line) or use as targets for throwing things or jumping. Cut off a piece of tape and put it on one of their feet – challenge them to stand on one foot to pull it off.