Interview with Peggy Hobart

group-shot-sm.jpgPeggy Hobart (third from right in photo of CTC teachers) joined CTC as a teacher in 2001 and has seen many children come through her classroom over the years.

“I love watching a child change over time and learn the routine of the class,” she says. “Some of them struggle a lot in the beginning and have a hard time with transitions, following adult led activities and engaging with toys for increasing periods of time.   There can be a lot of crying! But, they come to class and practice every week and some get to the point where they can practically teach the class themselves! They gain confidence and become class leaders.  And it’s also rewarding for the parents – they are so full of pride for their child. Other parents in the class notice the changes as well and comment on their child’s progress.  It’s such a supportive and positive environment for both the children and the parents alike.

“The other thing I love about my work is the relationships I’ve built with families over many years. Some who’ve brought their first child to my classroom will bring a second and third sibling years later, and that’s always fun.”

The primary goal of her classes is to get a child ready for their next educational experience. “That’s the bottom line,” she says, “Because of whatever disability or challenge they have, they aren’t likely to be successful in a typical setting without this preparation. They simply need more support, and our job is to develop strategies for them to be successful.”

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