Jordan’s Story

jordan-sm.jpgEating is something many of us take for granted. But imagine if your child was unable to chew or swallow – and the only way to keep them alive was with a feeding tube? This is the reality for many children with special needs. 

Just last week we evaluated an 18-month old girl who has never eaten a bite of solid food. Jordan is underweight and struggling to get the proper nutrition she needs for her body to grow. Without therapy it is unlikely she will ever be able to feed herself or eat solid food.  Her future?  A lifetime of dependency on tubes and ongoing health issues due to malnourishment.

Her parents want to get her the care she needs but they are overwhelmed. Having a baby with special needs came as a complete surprise to them. Bills have been piling up for months. And on top of it all, insurance won’t cover the full cost of their daughter’s therapy.

Would you help provide life-changing therapy for Jordan today?  Your gift ensures that Jordan and children just like her receive the care they need to grow and thrive.