Holiday Helpers!

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elf.pngCTC parents are not like most busy parents! CTC parents work – running a household, maintaining their child’s demanding medical schedule, and trying to make sure Fido gets fed. It’s not easy. It often feels impossible to manage. And then comes the holiday season! While meant to be a time of joy and peace, parents with medically fragile kids often find it to be a crazy time trying to meet all the demands and squeeze in some holiday fun in between it all. What’s even worse is that kids with sensory, eating or social issues tend to struggle even more during this stressful time of year.

Children’s Therapy Center understands you and your family. We see you juggling the priorities of your child’s care, education and fun! (“Fun? What is that?” you say.)

We wanted to help this year, so we hastened some of the holiday elves away from shelf-sitting and toy-making to share some tips and tricks for achieving a more enjoyable holiday season. We hope these help! Share them with a friend or two – all parents can all use some fresh ideas once in a while! Watch our Facebook page for events around the area made especially for families like yours.

Here are the tips. You’ll also find them popping up on the CTC Facebook page every day until Christmas – so feel free to share the ones you like best (or add your own)!

  1. Instead of enduring large crowds on foot, take a drive through the holiday lights.
  2. Place a basket under the tree or near the front door for a needy family and collect items throughout the month to give away to a family your child chooses.
  3. Visit holiday displays during off hours.
  4. Check the search engines for sensory-friendly shops and attractions.
  5. Enjoy the holidays a little at a time.
  6. Ignore age limits on events. Do what feels right for your family.
  7. Many civic centers have events you can drop your child off at while you go shop. Some accommodate children with special needs. Don’t be afraid to ask for the support you need.
  8. Say no when you can. Do the things that your family enjoys and skip what you don’t.
  9. Enjoy the many Christmas shows available on networks like Netflix and have a quiet night in.
  10. Swap holiday shopping babysitting with friends and family.
  11. Be gentle with yourself and your child. The holidays can be stressful. Take things one day at a time.
  12. Do some things that maybe only your child would enjoy. A half hour of drum lessons won’t hurt you and could mean the world to your child.
  13. Be realistic about what activities your child will tolerate and stick to your plan.
  14. Break shopping trips into small trips instead of a full day.
  15. If you attend holiday services or concerts, sit in the back so that you can easily exit if you need to. Find out ahead of time if there is a special room you can take your child to if they are having a hard time.  
  16. Cherish moments. Your child will only be this age for the holidays, this year. What will make it special for both of you?

Happy Holidays!

Your CTC Family