Liam’s Story

liam-williams.gif“We are a family of four, with one child who receives services at Children’s Therapy Center.  Liam has Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome) and he’s been receiving services since he was 3 weeks old.  We have been seen by physical therapists, speech therapists, and orthotists at CTC.  We have also attended the Tuesday class play group and Movin’ and Groovin’. 

We received Liam’s diagnosis at birth and were not given too much information about his diagnosis, what type of care he would need, or where to start.  I reached out to CTC and was told they’d be glad to have someone come out and evaluate Liam to see what services he may need and to assist us in any way.  In stepped his Early Intervention therapist, Linda, our lifeline!

Linda was so encouraging of how well our son was doing. I had friends who would tell me he was amazing, but they are my friends – what else would they say?  Linda wasn’t going to tell me what she thought I wanted to hear, though.  She was going to be honest.  I needed to have someone in our lives who really understood the excitement of the little things that our son was accomplishing.

I feel that Liam would have eventually reached the milestones he has hit today even without CTC. But without CTC, I would not have known how to best help my son or feel so supported in a time when I felt so lost. I am so thankful for the connections, encouragement, friendships, and support that I have received.  This mom would be in a much different state emotionally, personally and mentally if it were not for our therapy team.

CTC has made a huge impact on our lives. Not only have they helped Liam be the best he can and help us know how to help him they have encouraged us throughout our journey. I have learned how strong I am. I have learned how to be an advocate for my son.  And I have learned that there are some amazing people in this world who are capable of loving and supporting my child and my family as much as I do.”

-Liam’s mom, Ashly