How Parents Partner with Therapists

madi4sized.jpgWhen Madi, a sweet and stubborn little girl born with Down syndrome, started full-day kindergarten it was a milestone event in her life, made far easier thanks to Madi’s CTC therapists. Armed with advice and support, her mom, Jennifer, was able to advocate for her daughter. “I was able to show them how to recognize when Madi might be overstimulated and on her way to a meltdown.  I suggested Madi needed a place where she can swing or move around for about a half an hour and then come back to the class, ready to go.” Inspired, Jennifer also started a playgroup for children with Down syndrome in her community with help from CTC.

Solutions like this are just what parents of children with special needs need most. “Madi started out with speech and feeding therapy at CTC and has just progressed amazingly from there,” says Jennifer. “There are still plenty of things to work on but I feel like the partnership I have with Madi’s therapists has educated and prepared me to raise Madi.”

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