Salvation Baptist Church Volunteers Spruce Up Burien!

3.pngOn Saturday, April 23, 15 volunteers from Salvation Baptist Church in Edgewood joined CTC staff members Chuck and Paul for some remodeling and deep cleaning projects at our Burien location. On the second floor, they removed old carpeting, particle board underlayment and lots of nails from two sections of hallway. After cleaning everything up, they still had time to install about 40% of the new plywood underlayment! On the first floor, several much-needed deep cleaning projects were tackled, including cleaning out the ball pit, cleaning and sanitizing the balls, vacuuming and cleaning the therapy mats, and deep cleaning window sills and heat registers. The day was a tremendous success! Many thanks to event organizer David Afichuck for your assistance, to our wonderful group of volunteers, and to Salvation Baptist Church in partnering with Children’s Therapy Center to help children with disabilities reach their full potential. Money saved from volunteer events like this enable us to spend more of our budget towards providing therapy services to kids in our community.

-David Buckles, Facilities Manager

See more photos here!

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