LDS Church Youth Group Lends a Big Hand!

9.pngIf you have ever seen ABC’s “Extreme Home Makeover” you’d be able to fully appreciate what was accomplished in one hour at our Kent location by the Youth Group from the Garrison Creek Ward from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. About 28 teens and a dozen or so adults descended upon CTC with a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm. Within an hour, all mowing was done….as well as weeding, weed eating, pine needle pick up, blowing off the playground and parking lots, trash pick-up, scrubbing the therapy mats, interior dusting and microwave cleaning. It was an amazing effort by lots of hard-working folks! As 6 or 7 vehicles drove off into the sunset, Chuck and I looked at each other and just grinned as if to say, “Wow….did that just happen?”

Since July of 2015, this group has helped CTC with four volunteer projects. Many thanks to Joelyn and Elizabeth for helping with organizing these many volunteer efforts, and also to the wonderful volunteers that make them a success. Children’s Therapy Center couldn’t fulfill its mission to help kids with disabilities reach their full potential without support from people like you!

Check out the full photo gallery here!

-David Buckles, Facilities Manager

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