Volunteer Spotlight: Miriam

Name: Miriam

Role: Program Support Volunteer

Years with CTC: 2

Volunteer Miriam

Since joining our team in November of 2019, Miriam has volunteered her time at CTC in many different ways including assisting in our Gymnastic and Social Skills groups, assisting with childcare for parent events, and helping with special projects.

Miriam is working to complete the Occupational Therapy Assistant program through Green River Community College. Her kind and gentle personality makes it easy for anyone, especially the kiddos, to work with her, and she always has a positive attitude. Often coming in early and staying past her shift, Miriam has a natural eagerness to lend a helping hand whenever she can and a keen ability to anticipate needs. We are so happy to have you on the CTC Volunteer Team. Thanks for sharing your time with us, Miriam!

Tell us some fun facts about yourself.

– Spanish is my first language. 

– My family and I adopted our first dog, Coco, from a shelter when he was 9 years old. 

– I love trying new foods from around the world. 

– I love phone photography and I mostly take pictures of my family members. 

– I enjoy playing soccer. 

– I enjoy making pottery. 

– I love watching different type of documentaries. 

Why do you choose to volunteer with CTC? If you could encourage someone else to volunteer at CTC, what would you say?

I decided to volunteer at CTC because I want to pursue occupational therapy as my career in the future. CTC was one of the many places I called that gave me the opportunity to volunteer and observe. They were extremely nice, especially volunteer coorindator Mareza who helped me and showed me around. CTC is a helpful place and has the best people. I have been volunteering since November and I have loved every day of it. My favorite part has been interacting with the kids and helping when I can.

If I could encourage someone else to volunteer at CTC I would say, “You won’t regret it!” CTC appreciates their volunteers and helps you when you have questions. They also take a volunteer into consideration and work with you. I am a college student and I never felt like I would not have time to go and volunteer because they worked around my schedule. The goal of CTC is to help every child achieve maximum independence so they can experience the same opportunities and quality of life as other children. I feel extremely happy that even as a volunteer, I am able to do that and help kids.  CTC is an amazing place to volunteer and you will enjoy every second of it. Thank you, CTC, for giving me this opportunity. 

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