How COVID Has Impacted Kids

When the COVID pandemic hit, we had to adapt our program almost overnight to make sure no child missed a single critical session. We’re now providing all our therapy sessions to families via Zoom videoconference until we can see them in person once again. It’s been a huge challenge for everyone – the parents and caregivers, our program staff, and the kids that we serve. But together, we’ve got this!!

Unfortunately, not every family in our community has the benefit of equal access when it comes to technology. Many of the families we serve come from incredibly diverse backgrounds. They struggle with cultural and financial barriers of all kinds, every day. Too often, their children don’t receive the support and services they need to be successful.

The isolation and financial insecurity this pandemic has created makes it even harder for these families to access services. Help us make sure tele-intervention services are available to all families who need it! Your support will provide the resources families need, such as laptops and interpretation services.

Please join us in ensuring no family who needs our services is overlooked. Contribute today and change the life of a child!

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