Alison’s Story

alison-sm.jpgAlison (top left in photo with her Fitness Center students) is a physical therapist for CTC’s center-based programs for children up to age 18.

“I think it’s great we provide services both in Early Intervention (home-based program for ages birth to three) and at the center for kids over 3. You can absolutely see the difference with the kids and families who got their start in our Early Intervention program. The family is involved and ready to be part of the session, and it pays off when that’s the case. Parents don’t drop their kids off for therapy here – they are an active part of therapy sessions. And once parents realize how much fun it is to watch their kid make progress, they want to be there! They notice small improvements they may otherwise miss. Being a part of the sessions also helps parents gain confidence in what they can do at home.”

Children receiving therapy at CTC will often see therapists from more than one discipline. “I collaborate most frequently with speech therapists,” Alison says. “My job is to provide the body support while the speech therapist is responsible for engaging the child. But in addition to these ‘co-treat’ situations, therapists often just share information with one another. We discuss what’s working and what’s not. It allows us to make progress with a child more quickly because you’re coming into each session fully informed.”

One of the most rewarding parts of her job is helping a child become more independent. “I worked with one boy who absolutely didn’t like therapy at all. But the moment we got him on an adaptive bicycle, his whole personality changed. We gave him independence he’d never experienced before. I like giving kids freedom. To see them do something new on their own is indescribable!”

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