Carter's Story

When we walked in the door at CTC, it felt as if we belonged.

“When our son Carter was born, we were stunned that he was diagnosed immediately with Down syndrome. I was 29 at the time, and it almost felt as if we had a baby, and at the same time lost a baby.

At the hospital, we were given a packet of information and told to look on the internet for more information. Our pediatrician told us that he would likely need physical and speech therapy. We felt overwhelmed and wondered if there was anybody that could just give us some answers and information to help us now? That’s when we found Children’s Therapy Center and their early intervention program.

When we walked in the door, it felt as if we were walking into a place where we belonged. We were accepted and we knew that these therapists were there for us. They understood, they knew what to do, and they wanted to help. Our team of therapists, including Linda and Christina, became like coaches, supporting us in all areas, making sure that we were doing everything that we could do.

The wonderful thing about Children’s Therapy Center is that it’s full of people just like Linda and Christina! These are people who care about you and will do the best job they can for your child. We never expected to come to CTC, nor did we expect to need physical therapy, speech therapy or aquatic therapy. But they were there for us and for many, many families in our area. It is comforting to know that Children’s Therapy Center will be there to support us with Carter every step of the way for years to come."

- Eric and Alison Tharaldson

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