Back to School Tips

Boy in chair at school

The start of the school year is both an exciting and stressful time of year for parents and children alike. Whether your child is excited, anxious or unsure, below are some tips from CTC’s special education team that may help create a smooth transition to school.

Show positivity and excitement about their first days and talk about and validate their worries.

Talk about what they can expect before the first day. Talking through what to expect can curb some of their worries. If your child has limited receptive language use pictures to help show them what to expect.

  • If your child is nervous to be apart from you talk about the parts of the school day and when they will see you again.
  • When it is time to say goodbye, make it short. The longer it takes to say goodbye, the harder it could be. Teachers have lots of practice helping children make that first experience away from families a positive one and will help your child find something to take their minds off their worries.
  • Practice wearing a mask with your child at home. You can play games when wearing them such as peek-a-boo, or counting to 10 before taking it off. You can also let your child decorate, or pick their mask so they are more invested in wearing it.
  • Get back in a routine and plan ahead. Make sure your child gets a good night sleep and a good nutritious meal before you send them to school. We are all able to handle big emotions and new situations better when we are well rested and well fed.
  • Share your concerns and questions with teachers and counselors. You are a very important member of your child’s educational team. Your input is valued.
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