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We were founded on the belief that, in order to ensure the success of each individual child, the entire family must be supported. Over the past thirty years, we have purposefully designed our organizational growth, program development, breadth of services, and community role in such a manner that this philosophy can flourish.

We empower parents with the tools to recognize and utilize opportunities to enhance their child’s development as they occur in everyday life. In an effort to assist every child in reaching their full potential, parents and/or caregivers are strongly encouraged to participate in all early learning and therapy services. What our staff is able to give children is valuable, what they are able to give parents is invaluable.

To support this philosophy, we provide:

  • Parent training, education, and support in every therapy session
  • Specialized parenting classes
  • Literacy Library
  • Lending Library: Resources available through books, videos, and DVDs
  • Networking opportunities with other families

"When we were first referred, I was very discouraged and afraid of the long-term diagnosis of my child. Through the insight, encouragement, and knowledge provided to me, I felt empowered as a parent." (Parent Survey)

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