While all organizations talk about collaborating – we do it!  In fact, we go beyond collaboration…We Partner!



1.    full of energy, enthusiasm, a sense of purpose;
2.    vigorously active; a force that motivates, affects development and stability;



1.    someone or something that actively shares;
2.    something that is related to, involved with, and supporting something else;

Where the Whole is Greater than the Sum of the Parts

The purpose of Dynamic Partners is to provide a wide spectrum of management support services designed to enhance the capacity, sustainability, efficiency, and effectiveness of our partner organizations - Children’s Therapy Center, SKIP Early Intervention, Dynamic Orthotics, SPIO, and Dynamic Labs.

Through Dynamic Partners, these participating organizations share space and administrative support functions including:

  • Board:  Governance policies, recruitment, training, executive evaluation, financial audits
  • Human Resources:  Executive leadership, recruiting, volunteer coordination, evaluations
  • Strategic Planning:  Vision, mission, goals, strategies, values, succession planning
  • Programming:  Need analysis, program design, outcome evaluation, benchmarking
  • Technology:  Hardware and software solutions and support
  • Performance Management:  System analysis, policies and procedures, effectiveness and efficiency improvements, contract management
  • Resource Development:  Social enterprises, fundraising, special events, grant writing
  • Financial:  Accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, billing, purchasing
  • Facilities:  Maintenance, janitorial, rental space
  • Communications:  Marketing, web, video/dvd production, public relations

Through this collaborative business model, each participating organization saves over $200,000 per year in overhead costs. This savings can then be reinvested back into their respective missions.

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